Household and commercial water wells.

Byers Well Drilling has been providing Northeast Georgia with cutting edge residential and commercial well drilling services since 1960. Our prompt, courteous service and excellent workmanship has given us a trusted name in the groundwater industry. Whether your current water systems are having problems, or you need assistance in designing and constructing water systems for your home or business, we are here to help.

Irrigation wells

Are you in need of a water supply for lawn or field irrigation? Byers Well Drilling can provide you with a well/pumping system to provide water to your irrigation structure. Irrigation wells must be capable of producing adequate water during peak seasonal use and under drought conditions. Without a reliable, efficient, and economical supply of water, the entire irrigation system becomes nearly useless.  We use  a constant pressure system to ensure that the water flow is balanced and evenly  distributed.

Water FIltration Systems

Byers Well Drilling has effective solutions to any well water issue you may have. Our systems are customized to treat the unique taste, odor, look, feel and quality of the water, and purge it of any impurities overnight. If you are looking for  a well water purification system or well water filtration, we can help.

Acid Washing

Well acidizing is achieved by pumping acid into the well to dissolve limestone, dolomite, iron and calcite cement between the sediment grains of the reservoir rocks. This helps in the efficiency and durability of the well, and will bring the PH levels back to normal.


Your well is “fed” by small cracks, or fissures, in the bedrock that allow water to enter. If the rock is particularly “tight” you may not have enough water flowing through these fissures. We can “open up” the fissures using high pressure water, in a process called hydrofracturing.

For hydrofracturing, we first pull the well pump, then lower a high-pressure water pipe into your well. Inflatable “sleeves” are used to pressure-isolate the lower section of the well, or a particular target section of the well. Then we pump in water at very high pressure, “fracturing” the sides of the well and allowing more natural water to enter.

Hydrofracturing can be somewhat expensive, but will almost always dramatically improve the well’s production — usually more than doubling the refresh rate. Ask us about the options, Byers has a great deal of experience in both drilling and hydrofracturing, and we can discuss what is the best and most economical way for you to improve your water flow situation.